Germany warns Turkey not to ‘end the European dream’

Germany on Monday warned Turkey against further distancing itself from Europe by reinstating the death penalty after a disputed referendum and urged authorities to seek “respectful dialogue” to heal a divided society.
Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said that if Ankara were to bring back the death penalty, the move would be “synonymous with the end of the European dream” and mark the end of decades of negotiations to enter the European Union.

It is in Turkey’s “own interest” not to distance itself further from Europe, said Gabriel in an interview in the Bild mass circulation daily to be published Tuesday.

“Any decision (about joining the EU) will not be on the agenda anytime soon. At any rate, joining would not work right now,” he added, noting that Turkey must decide which direction to take.

Immediately after winning a nail-biting vote on extending his powers, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan mooted a second referendum on bringing back the death penalty, which would sound the death knell for the country’s EU ambitions.

“If (a bill) comes before me, I will approve it. But if there isn’t support (from opposition MPs) … then we could have another referendum for that,” Erdogan said, as his supporters chanted for its reintroduction.


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