Georgia Republican introduces bill to make child transgender surgeries, drugs illegal

Georgia Republican State Representative Ginny Ehrhart introduced a bill in the Georgia House of Representatives last week that would ban health care professionals from performing transgender surgeries on children.

The bill specifies criminal penalties for medical professionals who perform surgeries such as mastectomies, vaginoplasties, castration, penectomies, etc. “for the purpose of attempting to affirm the minor’s perception of such minor’s sex, if that perception is inconsistent with such minor’s sex.”

The bill would also ban the administering of medications, such as puberty blockers or hormones, to children for the same purpose.


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  1. James A Virkler
    James A Virkler says:

    Thank goodness!!! Finally some common sense. It’s illegal for children to work, serve in the military, have consensual sex, get tattoos, get married, choose to use alcohol, live alone, and many other things. Why? Because they’re brains are not developed enough yet. They can make irrational decisions that are not in their best interest, allowing overwhelming emotions to control them and their decisions. Why!!!!! would we allow a child that the law says is too immature to make decisions about having sex at all, to make decisions to cut off and alter sexual organs?
    Common sense says NO! Reason says No. What in the best interest of the child says NO. Let’s focus on learning how to love ourselves how we have been made, instead of butchering ourselves up to attempt to represent how we FEEL.


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