‘Genuine danger’ Russia could spark WORLD WAR 3

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THERE is a “genuine danger” of Russia instigating a global war, according to the former UK ambassador to Russia, with Vladimir Putin on the edge of a “major confrontation”.

Vladimir Putin’s threats to the West could quickly spiral out of control and unleash a catastrophic world war, according to the former UK ambassador to Russia.

Sir Tony Brenton, who served as ambassador between 2004 to 2008, said that there was a “genuine danger” of the world falling into a world war crisis

Speaking to John Humphrys on Radio 4’s Today programme, Sir Tony warned that Russia could shut down the entire power system of Britain.

The shock remark comes as diplomatic tensions over European claims of Russian espionage continue to mount.

Russia has been accused of behaving like a “pariah state” after allegations the Kremlin tried to hack the UK Government and the international body that headed the Salisbury Novichok probe.

SOURCE: https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1027718/WW3-Russia-Putin-May-electrical-power-world-war-cyberattack

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25 Responses to “‘Genuine danger’ Russia could spark WORLD WAR 3”

  1. Brad Sturgeon

    I highly recommend that everybody get understanding the end times, this study will change the way you view the scriptures and it will change your life it did ours. With this study you can instruct many for the times we live in today,
    and what to watch for in the times to come. We can`t thank Irvin Baxter and His staff enough for all they do.

  2. amos sykes

    LeHaye and Jenkins confirm WW3 in their prophecy fulfillment writings. The war fulfills the Ezekiel prophecy about Gog and Magog. One third of mankind killed is unbelievable but the prophecies will be done. The Arab nations are named with a country from the north…Russia attacking Israel who is at peace. God strikes down the war machine against Israel. Ezekiel tells about the clean up after the war. Then public opinion against another such war brings about the seven year peace treaty with Israel. That is the start of the Tribulation. According to LeHaye and Jenkins and other Bible scholars, the Rapture of the Church will take place before the signing of the treaty. That would be great to happen and take the Bride of Christ out of here for the Wedding Feast of the Lamb. Thank you for your research and preaching Reverend Baxter. God bless every thing you are doing. Praise the Lord!!!

  3. If I didn’t know better, i’d think Britain is the one trying to start another war. It’s paranoid, fearful and seems to be trying intimidate its allies against Russia to saves its own sorry self. The horrible stories coming out of England these days are demonic – murdering children, ignoring child sex abuse, putting soldiers in jail for telling the truth about islam, supporting euthanasia, its clergy cursing Israel, etc. How is it not worse than Damascus which is soon to be destroyed?

  4. it seems much more like it to me that the globalists, which there are plenty of puppets for them in the USA who will start WWIII and it seems that it’s been Putin who has kept it from happening. Those accusing him are the globalist Rothschild puppets and trying to provoke Putin and get the sheeple riled up against Putin instead of at them, where the blame belongs

  5. Dan Thompson

    God Bless you Bro Baxter, keep up the great job. What a blessing all the information that you put out to keep your supporters up to date with world events. Would like to see you come to the Detroit area soon, Lord Bless. Dan!

  6. Russia, obviously, is working to make its military industry profitable.
    For the USA it is less obvious in appearance at least on the ground.
    Russia is training in a real situation and on a large scale.
    It could move up a gear.
    When the time will come.
    Worrying if our eyes only see the beast ….

  7. I LOVE Everything about End Of Age/ Erwin Baxter! Thank you so much for telling the truth and being a Man of God. I would love to have every DVD you have of the End Times, I have many health issues that has permitted me from Working and I am unable to make a purchase maybe eventually In the future I can order from your collection. Again, I am grateful I get to watch and listen to you. God bless You, your Family and your Team Mr. Baxter