Gay Pride Promotion in the Workplace

American Corporations Celebrate LGBT Pride

By Rick Brinegar


A medical doctor has been expelled from his hospital for speaking against the hospital’s promotion of high-risk sexual behavior common to the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender community. The hospital had pushed the staff to promote and be involved in pro-LGBT activities, such as Boston’s annual “Gay Pride Week.”


In a similar case last January, a former Ford contractor was fired for his remarks criticizing the company’s pro-gay policy. He had responded to a newsletter, claiming that the Ford Motor Company should be ashamed for “promoting sodomy.”


The whole situation could be cleared up if all prospective employees were required sign a pledge to actively promote homosexuality, and to never say anything which might be interpreted as maligning of the LGBT agenda.


Many companies claim to have inclusive, anti-harassment policies which “respect the rights of all individuals.” Is it right, then, that an employee should be punished for talking about his convictions in such an “inclusive” environment? Shouldn’t an anti-harassment policy apply to not harassing people opposed to the promotion of the LGBT lifestyle? Why should anyone be coerced into going along with behavior which he knows is opposed to his beliefs? In the case of a committed Christian, should the person of faith be required to promote behavior which grieves the One who died for him?