Gay Marriage ‘Could Destroy America’, Ted Cruz’s Father Tells Christian Conference

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While Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz stood out during the third Republican debate Wednesday night, the Texas senator’s father also made waves Wednesday with comments at the World Congress of Families in Salt Lake City. Rafael Cruz gave an impassioned sermon during which he said the Supreme Court decision earlier this year legalizing same-sex marriage “could destroy America.”


Rev. Rafael Cruz, who was born in Cuba, said in his sermon that America has been straying from its biblical roots and from “the word of God,” on which it was built, according to the Salt Lake Tribune. He detailed major milestones in the nation’s decline, including the Communist Manifesto, the Humanist Manifesto that educator John Dewey signed in 1993, the end of prayer in public schools and the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision, which legalized abortion.


“Since then, 8 million babies in America alone have been murdered through abortion,” Cruz said. “The blood of those millions cry out to God.”


The most recent event leading to America’s demise, Cruz said, was the Supreme Court ruling in June that legalized same-sex marriage. “That decision goes to the heart of the destruction of the family,” the Salt Lake Tribune reported Cruz saying to excited applause. “Left unchecked, it could destroy America.”


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