Gantz’s Time Runs Out, and Netanyahu No Longer in a Rush to Form ‘Emergency’ Government

By Monday, the coalition agreement between Benjamin Netanyahu and Benny Gantz was fully decided. The ink cartridges were loaded and all that was needed was to hit the print button and sign.

In the section relating to the annexation of parts of the West Bank, the only remaining question was if a specific sentence would say “and” or “and/or.” The two sides agreed that the deal would be signed regardless, and the disagreement settled later and corrected by hand.

Netanyahu sat at home, besieged and isolated in the Prime Minister’s Residence, immunized from the virus but enveloped by the poison of his illustrious family. Hod Betzer, Gantz’s chief of staff, sat in the hall waiting for the final okay. And then someone came out and told Betzer that the prime minister had changed his mind about the section concerning the Judicial Appointments Committee, a section that had already been agreed on and finalized. Betzer was shocked. The representative explained to him that Netanyahu had experienced a crisis within and couldn’t accede on this point.


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