Gantz may block settlement annexation by new government


Blue and White leader Benny Gantz opposes unilateral settlement annexation, sources close to him said on Sunday, as negotiations continued for a unity government.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised to apply Israeli law to all Israeli towns in the West Bank, in the framework of US President Donald Trump’s peace plan, which allows for annexation beyond just the settlements, of 30% of the West Bank. The other 70% would become a demilitarized Palestinian state.

Gantz met with Trump in Washington in January, the day before the plan was presented to the public, and said: “I will work toward implementing it from within a stable, functioning Israeli government in tandem with other countries in our region.” Several days later, Blue and White, which he led at the time, said it would bring the entirety of the Trump plan to a vote in the Knesset.


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