Gantz: I’m determined to have broad unity government, not third elections

Blue and White and Likud continued to disparage one another and express extreme skepticism about the possibility of building a coalition, even as the parties held talks to form a unity government.

The negotiating teams for the two large parties met on Thursday morning in Ramat Gan and plan to meet again on Sunday. Blue and White leaders Benny Gantz and Yair Lapid joined the negotiators for part of the meeting.

Speaking at an event for party activists Thursday night, Gantz said he wants “a broad, liberal unity government – or any other way to form a government…I will make every effort to make progress…I am determined to have a government and not an election.”

But Gantz’s further remarks reflected a deep frustration with the Likud and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Gantz railed against Justice Minister Amir Ohana for giving a speech in which he claimed there was a conspiracy in the State Attorney’s Office against Netanyahu, saying: “Everyone has a right to fight to prove his innocence, but what is happening in recent days must stop…Netanyahu needs to hit the brakes fast. The things Justice Minister Ohana said crossed every line and we will make sure they don’t continue.”