Freshman GOP Rep Admits She Hasn’t Read Obamatrade, Backs MSNBC’s Defense Of Deal Secrecy

Currently, what we are working on is Trade Promotion Authority. That issue we expect to take up by the end of the month. And what Trade Promotion Authority, known as TPA, is it’s really the framework of giving the president the opportunity to negotiate trade agreements with other countries. It’s very, very important that we pass this piece of legislation. It’s bipartisan. One in five jobs in America are created because of free trade, 95 percent of consumers are outside of the United States and if America doesn’t take the lead on trade then China is going to. I want America to take the lead and set the standards on trade.


But when Breitbart News asked Walters’ spokeswoman Christine Hardman later on Monday—after she blasted out video of the congresswoman’s appearance on Morning Joe, highlighting her support for Obamatrade—if Walters has been to the secret room inside the Capitol to read the text of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) that TPA would fast track, collectively known as Obamatrade, Hardman confirmed Walters has not been there to read it.


Hardman said when asked if she’s been to the secret room to read the TPP text:


Rep. Walters has had numerous discussions regarding the TPP text, especially on the treatment of agricultural products, which are particularly vital to California’s economy. With the impending passage of TPA, Rep. Walters will be exercising the numerous congressional oversight rights. It is important to remember that without TPA, President Obama would have much more power to negotiate Free Trade Agreements (FTAs). Without TPA, the President would have unlimited authority to negotiate FTAs while keeping Congress and the American public in the dark.


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