Franklin Graham banned in Britain!

February 12, 2020   |   Category: Prophecy News   |   Tags: , ,

All seven of the venues in the United Kingdom scheduled to host Franklin Graham, son of the late Billy Graham, have been canceled because of the evangelist’s biblically based views on human sexuality and marriage.

“Pastor Graham peddles controversial, repulsive views about LGBT people which are in direct conflict with the values we hold dear in Newcastle,” Newcastle City Council leader Nick Forbes told the local Chronicle Live after the city’s Utilita Arena became the latest venue to cancel.

Previously, Graham events were canceled in Birmingham, Newport, Glasgow, Milton Keynes, Sheffield and Liverpool, according to a Pink News report cited by Breitbart News.

Graham said he still intends to tour the U.K.


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7 Responses to “Franklin Graham banned in Britain!”

  1. June Alexander

    They did not cancel Franklin Graham; They canceled the Word of God. Praise God for his stand for the Word and for his care for those who are there that must be hungering for support. I applaud his stand and his willingness to go. May many meet me you and be strengthened by God.

  2. Rev. Frank Okechukwu

    God bless you for your insight. Britain is already in the throes of the grip and tidal wave of the enemy. The remnants, the remaining Christians who are still standing must rise up in prayers for the land and also engage in Christian activism and legal action to challenge the unethical actions of the state actors both at the national, provincial and municipal levels.

  3. Rev. D. Michael Costigan

    What an Atrocious Shame that Rev. Franklin Graham, a Pastor who speaks for the Living God, as well as only from the Truth of Holy Scriptures, is called a “Peddler” ! And then because he wants to Preach and Teach people lost in Sin how to come to Repentance and receive Forgiveness and Eternal Life in Jesus Christ (exactly what they desperately need!), he is closed out by wicked Brits!
    May God have mercy on those foolish decision makers !

  4. There is a very hypocritical slant to all this: In Liverpool, their two star football players are devout Muslims, bowing to Allah on the field every time they score a goal. Of course their religion abhors homosexual behavior, but does the UK media ever boycott them?? Of course not, because that hits a little too close to home. For me, both seem like nice men, and I would not want them to be pressured by a live TV reporter about their opinions regarding said subject, since it could turn very badly for their careers. Anyway, I guess Christians are easier to take potshots at, especially since England is so heavily Muslim and Islam-sympathetic these days. I suspect the native humanists think they are converting the mindset of these immigrant Muslims to a secular pro-homosexual perspective, but I fear they are sorely mistaken. Once the Muslims have enough % in England, we will see leaders, like the Muslim mayor of London, start to persecute homosexuals. Some are now biding their time. Mark my words. For Christians, we live in Sodom, just like Lot did. We have to face that reality, and trust that God will save us, just as Lot was saved. And we must be warned in the mean time not to be enamored and attracted by what we see around us; as Lot’s wife sadly was.

    • Such scenario is long anticipated. Britain/UK has been clearly but indirectly foistering antichristian and Islamic programs on Nigeria.

      Today, they are banning God from UK.
      Nature abhors vacuum. Satan will take over the space….and unleash mayhem on UK.