France will promote peace initiative despite Israeli opposition

November 8, 2016   |   Category: Prophecy News   |   Tags: ,

France will not stop trying to promote its initiative to convene an international peace conference by the end of the year despite Israel’s negative response to the idea, senior French diplomats told the Haaretz newspaper on Monday evening.

Earlier on Monday, Israeli officials meeting with French envoy Pierre Vimont reiterated Israel’s firm opposition to the peace initiative, aimed at restarting long-stalled peace efforts with the Palestinian Authority (PA).

“Envoy Pierre Vimont’s discussion with Israeli government representatives in Jerusalem [on Monday] was sincere and difficult,” French diplomats told Haaretz after the meeting.

“The negative Israeli response was predictable, and we will take Israel’s position into consideration. However, we plan to carry on promoting our peace initiative,” they stressed.


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