After Failed Peace Talks, Pushing to Label Israel as Occupier of Palestine

JERUSALEM — More than a year after Palestine was upgraded to become a nonmember observer state of the United Nations, the attributes of statehood exist mainly on official Palestinian letterhead.


Now, with the collapse of the American-brokered Middle East negotiations, the Palestinian leadership is focusing on its diplomatic and legal struggle for international recognition of Palestine as a state under occupation and for Israel to be held accountable as the occupier.


Last month, in a move that angered Israel and Washington, President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority signed applications to join 15 international treaties and conventions after Israel missed a deadline for releasing Palestinian prisoners.


In the absence of negotiations, the Palestinians plan to proceed cautiously as they join more than 40 other treaties and agencies, culminating in an application to join the International Criminal Court in The Hague, which was established in 2002 to prosecute perpetrators of genocide, crimes against humanity and…


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  1. Donna Blakey
    Donna Blakey says:

    Please clarify president Trumps position on Iran and Israel, as stated on end of the age open line.. May 4th. Thank you. A dedicated follower and partner.

  2. L. Logan
    L. Logan says:

    Israel will maintain control administratively over Jerusalem and the west bank (Judah and Samaria/Galilee) but in cooperation with the UN. Every effort to remove Jews will be met with opposition by the Two Witnesses. Jerusalem will be a burdensome stone that cuts all who attempt to rule over it other than the Jews and even those who make the agreement with the Beast will be cursed because they take the mark, name or number! Zechariah declares the Lord will save Judah first over those Jews of Jerusalem and make the clans of Judah to mourn as the sorrow and mourning of Hadad-rimmon in the valley of Meggido. In the midst of the nations surrounding and attacking Jerusalem the Lord comes to the Mt. of Olives and it cleaves in two as He dismounts causing a great earthquake that will cause the eastern gate wall to fall and open to the Messiah Yeshua!!! This is on the Day of Atonement. The Beasts armies flee north to Megiddo as Christ drives them from the city they were ravaging. His fierce anger pursues them and horrific slaughter occurs as He alone slays them with the sword of His mouth.Jer. 48 Those who stood by and did nothing of the surrounding Muslim nations feel the wrath of God for they boasted against God’s people saying WE WILL CUT THEM OFF FROM BEING A PEOPLE. In mercy God will restore them in the latter days. Ammon shall be DISPOSSESED BY THOSE OF GAD THEY DISPOSSESSED. JORDAN ravaged the synagogues and homes of the Jews in Jerusalem and took the West Bank in the Jewish revolt against Britain. Only in 1967 did the Jews take back that area which they then returned the temple mount with it’s shrine and mosque to Waqf trust. The Arabians, Moabites, Ammonites and Edomites have long hated the Jew and desired to take their heritage from them given by God in the Abrahamic covenant. They will pay dearly for their BLASPHEMOUS DEFIANCE OF GOD’S EDICTS.We cringe when we think of the 6th Trumpet War taking 1/3 of humanity but to those nations in Antichrist forces who followed the Beast and HIS BLASPHEMOUS WAR AGAINST THE JEWS it is described as a TREADING OF GRAPES WITH BLOOD FLOWING 180 MILES!!! Iran, Syria, Turkey and Iraq will know even greater slaughter than what occured in the 6th Trumpet war at Armageddon. The earth will be emptied out and turned upside down. An earthquake will destroy the cities of the world as God judges humanity for it’s rebellion and refusal to repent! It is not strange the Lord wouldjudge so but strange humanity refuses to REPENT WITH ALL GOD HAS SHOWN IN THE SEALS OF THE BOOK, TRUMPET JUDGMENT WARNINGS AND VIALS OF WRATH. THEY KNOW THEY HAVE NO MERCY FOR THEY TRAMPLED ON HIS BLOOD, HIS PEOPLE AND HIS CHURCH. A Double portion is meted out to them. The Jews, what is left of them fighting for their life now repent and turn to Him and He pours out His Spirit on them as they mourn and repent crying for Messiah who they pierced. The nations are separated into the sheep and goats, those who stood by Israel in her affliction and those who were her tormentors in the days following as the temple is rededicated and Tabernacles celebrated. It is stirring to see the End of the Age rush at us at least to those of the day and sad to think men remain in the dark of night refusing to repent, apply the blood in His name and have their hearts converted by Spirit baptism. It is blasphemy to reject God’s Spirit of Grace; it is unforgivable. Thank you Bro. Baxter for sounding the trumpet! BEHOLD HE IS COMING WIITH TEN THOUSANDS OF HIS SAINTS!

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