Facial recognition: Apple, Amazon, Google and the race for your face

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Facial recognition technology is both innovative and worrisome. Here’s how it works and what you need to know.

Facial recognition is a blossoming field of technology that is at once exciting and problematic. If you’ve ever unlocked your iPhone ($1,000 at Amazon) by looking at it, or asked Facebook or Google to go through an unsorted album and show you pictures of your kids, you’ve seen facial recognition in action.

Whether you want it to or not, facial recognition (sometimes called simply “face recognition”) is poised to play an ever-growing role in your life. Your face could be scanned at airports or concerts with or without your knowledge. You could be targeted by personalized ads thanks to cameras at shopping malls. Facial recognition has plenty of upside. The tech could help smart homegadgets get smarter, sending you notifications based on who it sees and offering more convenient access to friends and family.

MORE: https://www.cnet.com/how-to/facial-recognition-apple-amazon-google-and-the-race-for-your-face-facebook/

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