Ex-CIA chief: Iran deal worse than worthless

This is in contrast to White House press releases being issued on the subject, he said.


Klein brought up his own report on WND documenting that Israeli defense officials note Iran has been paying the salaries of Hamas’ so-called military wing.


Even the State Department confirmed in last month’s report that Iran’s “state sponsorship of terrorism worldwide remained undiminished.”


When asked whether Obama’s negotiations are merely an attempt to secure a legacy for himself, Woolsey replied, “Whatever he’s interested in, his behavior is not restricting terrorism by Iranian-backed entities such as Hamas or … any others, and it is not moving us toward any important restrictions on Iran’s development of nuclear weapons.”


Woolsey stated the negotiations are not doing anything positive at all. “If the negotiations on Iran are halted, Iran will end up getting up to $150 billion to finance … terrorism and their nuclear weapon,” he said.


The ex-CIA director noted that when the current round of negotiations began, “We had some very solid objectives to get [Iran] away from having a nuclear infrastructure.” This included not letting Tehran enrich uranium, and to allow inspections to be conducted whenever something looked suspicious.


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