EU’s new approach to the enlargement policy

The European Commission has adopted a new approach to the enlargement policy, with focus on the economy, aiming to enable the better coordination between the candidate countries and the Union. It is expected to allow for the faster implementation of reforms, with the goal of economic development. Serbia has commenced the accession talks in January this year and will soon get the recommendations from Brussels about the economic measures that need to be implemented in the forthcoming period, as part of the preparations for the membership.


According to the announcements from the EU delegation in Serbia, the suggestions will probably relate to the reforms of the labor market, because the unemployment rate is very high, as well as to the reform of the public sector and in particular the state managed companies, because the subsidies are burdening the budget. The necessity to carry on with the fiscal consolidation will also be stressed, in order to reduce the budget deficit, which will amount to approximately 7% of the GDP this year, and to decelerate the growth of the public debt. According to Minister of Economy Lazar Krstic, in the next four years Serbia will be actively implementing the reform policy. He believes that a specific plan is needed, to precisely define the role of…


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