European Union: Toward a European Superstate

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After weeks of frenzied backroom wrangling, European leaders on July 2 nominated four federalists to fill the top jobs of the European Union. The nominations — which must be approved by the European Parliament — send a clear signal that the pro-EU establishment has no intention of slowing its relentless march toward a European superstate, a “United States of Europe,” despite a surge of anti-EU sentiment across the continent.

Following are brief profiles of the nominees for the top four positions in the next European Commission, which begins on November 1, 2019 for a period of five years.

German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen, the daughter of a prominent EU official, has been nominated to replace Jean-Claude Juncker as the next president of the European Commission, the powerful bureaucratic arm of the European Union. Von der Leyen, of the center-right Christian Democratic Union (CDU), was a compromise choice after the candidacy of Manfred Weber, a favorite of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, was rejected by critics, led by French President Emmanuel Macron.

Macron had favored the candidacy of European Commission Vice President Frans Timmermans, a Dutch Social Democrat. Timmermans, however, was rejected by the Visegrád Group — the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia — due to his frequent criticism of their stance against mass migration and judicial reforms.



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2 Responses to “European Union: Toward a European Superstate”

  1. Christopher E. Dumais

    I hope you will believe me. In 1986 Jesus took control of my eyes then took me to Revelation 17&18 and while I read He showed me a motion picture(from the area where my left ear is He made that an eye) of the statue of liberty as the whore in rev. 17 , the many waters are many nations and tongues they are the imagrents that make up our nation. Then in rev. 18 after her destruction by the ten kings that hate her; I believe the ten nations from the UA are going to be used by Jesus to fullfill our destruction. The best proof is rev. 18 where it speeks of the ship masters and captains out at sea( remember the USA has three major oceans making this scripture true) crying alas the great city Babylon; who’s going to buy our goods now? Then just read down the list of goods and the souls of men. Its clearly stated by Jesus, at least to me being that he showed me a movie of our nation,(USA) in a motion picture with many explosions all around the statue of liberty. I wasn’t given the day or hour, but that might be during he six trumpet war. P.S. Thank you for clearing up the confusion in my mind about the pre trib rapture, thanks to Jesus and you, I now am post trib. Im glad your feeling better! Chris

  2. David Valero Coggins

    The Visegrad Group are correct in their assessment of the immigration issue. The European Union should not let these people groups into into Europe! Help them right where they are or as near as possible. First off refuse entry and tell the Arab countries in the region to take care of their own. The problem as it stands now, the barn door was left open far too long, and there is a considerable presence of illegal immigrants throughout the European Union all with those who were allowed in with open arms. Thanks to the likes of Angela Merkel and her Globalist partners the problem is severe enough that little or no solution will come soon enough for both sides of the issue and the immigrants themselves.