Europe Ban On Scotland If It Votes For Independence

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If Scotland votes for independence in its referendum on Sept. 18, it may not be allowed to join the European Union for five years.

New European Union chief Jean-Claude Juncker said last night that the EU needs to take a break from admitting new countries. “Under my presidency of the commission, ongoing negotiations will continue … but no further enlargement will take place over the next five years,” Juncker said, according to the BBC.

He later clarified his remarks. Juncker wasn’t talking about Scotland specifically but about countries generally, he said. Even so, it’s hard to see Scotland retaining automatic membership of the EU if it formally leaves its parent country.

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  1. Brenda

    Pastor Baxter. I don’t think you realized that last guy(boy) he didn’t sound very old. He was talking about just losing he’s Mom. U cut him off. I know u were out of time. I hope someone from your ministry talked to him. He was trying to reach out for help. Maybe a new name written in the lambs book of life. If someone could of talk to him. Can we please pray for him.