Envoys of Terrorism and Perversion?

On February 18, 2015, Rashad Hussain was appointed as United States Special Envoy and Coordinator for Strategic Counterterrorism Communications. He will work to counter violent extremism and develop ways to transmit counterterrorism information around the world. In other words, he is the Administration’s anti-extremism propaganda Czar. He is a Muslim American, with close ties to the White House and, allegedly, close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Cal Thomas, in a Townhall article, accuses him of having a history of “participating in events connected with the Muslim Brotherhood.” He has also been accused of defending Sami Al-Arian, former leader of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, who later pleaded guilty to plotting to aid a terrorist group. If these charges have any merit, Rashad Hussain’s appointment is like putting the cat in charge of the canary.



On February 23, 2015, the United States Department of State named gay senior diplomat Randy Berry as the first-ever special envoy for the human rights of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) people abroad. He will work to overturn laws that criminalize consensual same-sex conduct worldwide. This is in direct opposition to laws in Uganda, Nigeria and Russia which are designed to prevent the spread of homosexuality. Hillary Clinton had moved the United States in a similar direction in 2011 when she directed the State Department to weigh how a country treated its gay and lesbian citizens when making foreign aid decisions.



According to Biblical standards, these are the kinds of things which defile a nation, spread corrupt ideologies to other nations, and prevent millions of people from discerning evil and drawing close to God.



By Rick Brinegar