EDUCATION Gender-neutral bathroom closed following ‘isolated’ incident

A Wisconsin public school has closed its gender-neutral bathroom after an 18-year-old male student was arrested for fourth-degree sexual assault and child enticement.

Austin Sauer allegedly exposed himself to a child in the bathroom at Rhinelander High School, according to the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office. A spokesperson for the sheriff’s office told that the school didn’t send a message to parents because it was “an isolated incident” and the student was removed from the school.

Cultural issues writer Laurie Higgins of Illinois Family Institute explains why conservatives have warned against gender-neutral bathrooms for years.

“Do we really think that men who prey on women are going to be afraid or reluctant to lie and say that they identify as female when they don’t?” she asks. “Of course, they’re not going to be reluctant to lie – they’re willing to assault people! And … that’s what’s happened in this school.”