An edict from D.C. may become law in CA

The noose is tightening around the necks of Christian colleges in California as a bill winds its way through the state legislature.


SB 1146 states that unless a school is training pastors in a seminary setting, it cannot apply for a religious exemption to Title IX.


Title IX is the federal law, passed in 1972, that forbids discrimination in education against women. The law specifically addresses legal protections for women, such as funding for a female sports team, but the Obama administration claims legal protections for transgender students is also covered by Title IX.


There is a legal loophole for private schools, however, and the California law is aimed at closing that exemption.


Regarding the California law, Brad Dacus of Pacific Justice Institute says the law would punish every student who heads to a Christian college with a “Cal Grant,” the state’s largest financial aid program.


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