E.U. Offers New Immigration Plan, Hoping to Sway Reluctant Countries

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The European Union authorities, seeking to balance the scale of the migration crisis with the reluctance of some countries to take in refugees, offered a series of proposals on Wednesday that would give member states more latitude while offering them 10,000 euros for each refugee they accept.


Europe has struggled to come up with a cohesive plan to deal with the more than one million migrants who have reached Europe in the past two years, and the proposals from the European Commission, the bloc’s executive arm, reflect a renewed effort to impose clearer rules for both countries and migrants.


The commission proposed a common procedure for resettling refugees from camps in countries outside the bloc, like Turkey, that would give member states the option of joining together to decide the overall number of people to take in and how to spread out the refugees among those nations.


That represents a form of solidarity among the willing, though it is unlikely to include countries like Hungary and Slovakia that have resisted taking in more migrants, and it falls short of a mandatory system that would be applied across the European Union.


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