Donald Trump Makes History Again!

Donald J. Trump made history again on Wednesday, joining Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton as the third president since America’s founding to be “impeached” by his enemies in Congress.

The House of Representatives voted mostly along party lines to impeach Trump for a series of alleged “crimes” after more than six hours of meaningless debate. At numerous points during the tedious deliberations, Democratic lawmakers pretended to respect the Constitution, much in the same way that liberals pretend to love America during the World Cup.

House Democrats applauded after voting 230-197 to approve the first of two articles of impeachment — “abuse of power” and “obstruction of Congress” — despite repeatedly declaring their sadness at the thought of having to impeach a sitting president.

Two Democrats — Reps. Collin Peterson of Minnesota and Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey — voted with Republicans in bipartisan opposition to impeachment on the first article. A third Democrat, Rep. Jared Golden of Maine joined them in opposing impeachment on the second article. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D., Hawaii), a formidable candidate in the Democratic primary, voted “present” on both articles.