DHS secretly videotaping citizens to ‘predict crime’

In other words, the DHS wants to use video images of passengers to predict crimes.


On Tuesday, the DHS quietly released online a “privacy impact assessment” that provides the legal justification for an ongoing experiment it is calling “Data Collection for the Centralized Hostile Intent Project.”


The 14-page document, reviewed in full by WND, reveals the DHS’ Science and Technology Directorate will conduct an exercise at the Providence airport at an undisclosed date.


The DHS is planning to collect video images at designated areas throughout the airport, including at TSA security checkpoints, ticket counters, baggage claim and the airport entrance. No audio will be recorded at any time, states the document.


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The stated goal is to evaluate “whether the behavioral indicators used to screen for passengers with hostile intent can be reliably observed by BDOs (Behavior Detection Officers) via live video images as opposed to in person.”


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