Democrats: ‘Climate Change’ Causes Wildfires, Syrian War

The volume of lunacy pouring from the global-warming movement has steadily increased as science fails them more decisively.


The old mythology about human industry boiling the planet is deader than a doornail, buried under a mountain of data that warmists must carefully edit and distort to cook up their perennial “warmest month EVER!” headline bait.  What remains is a far more nuanced picture of planetary weather patterns in which human activity may play a fairly minor role, and those relationships are far more complicated than the politicized junk science that has been costing Americans billions of dollars per year.


Nuance and complex science are of very little use to politicians, who need white-knuckle panic to suppress dissent and scam those billions from taxpayers.  There are big global warming treaties coming up soon, and the special interests are not about to let a two-decade lack of global warming stop them.  Those treaties will be rammed down the American voter’s throat, no matter what the theoretically self-governing peons think about them.


That’s why the white-noise static of politicians blaming climate change for everything is getting louder, even as new polls reveal Americans are far more concerned about government corruption, excessive gun control laws, government bureaucracy, terrorism, and the failure of ObamaCare than they are about “climate change.”  The Ruling Class sees no profit for itself in addressing any of those issues, and quite a bit of potential damage from grappling with something like systemic government corruption.


Luckily for them, the Ruling Class doesn’t actually have to persuade anything like a majority of the American people to support its climate change agenda.  It just has to sow enough confusion and discord to keep an overwhelming majority from organizing to stop them.  The idealistic grade-school vision of democracy has the government faithfully executing the will of the people.  In reality, our degenerate system is more about the political class and its cronies doing what they want, unless The People can muster the will to oppose them.  That doesn’t happen often, because the media loves to nourish the atmosphere of perpetual crisis that weakens public opposition to activist government, and the people who profit from a Big Government scheme like global warming are usually more energized than any of the individual citizens who pay for it.


The hot new rhetorical trend for the global-warming crowd is to dimly acknowledge that the big-bucks alarmist predictions from the Eighties onward did not pan out, but global warming could maybe kinda sorta be a factor in all sorts of calamities.  Whatever you’re concerned about, rest assured there is a left-wing politician out there somewhere, claiming that global warming makes it worse.


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