Democrat erupts on Obama for ‘World War 3 potential’

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A member of Congress recently undressed President Obama’s Middle East policy as “illegal” and “counter-productive” because it is “arming our enemies which are radical Islam” and trying to take down a bulwark against that enemy in Syrian dictator Bashar Assad.


The potential for a “wider conflict,” potentially World War III, is real.


The fact that such a strong rebuke came from a female Democrat from the blue state of Hawaii makes it even more noteworthy.


Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii, said the U.S. and Russia are on a collision course over Syria that could result in World War III if not de-escalated.


Wolf Blitzer asked her how that collision could be avoided. Her answer was as follows:


“Very simple. The U.S. and the CIA should stop this illegal and counter-productive war to overthrow the Syrian government of Assad and should stay focused on fighting against who our enemy is, the Islamic extremist groups,” she said. “Because right now we’re seeing why this is counter-productive, by working towards that end, by working toward the overthrow of Assad we are not only strengthening our enemy, the Islamic extremists, who will walk in and take over all of the country Syria, right now they have about half of the country under their control, but it also puts us in that position of a potential direct head to head conflict with Russia which brings us to the brink of a potential larger conflict, a potential World War III situation.”


Gabbard is a member of the House Armed Services and Foreign Affairs committees and a combat veteran of the Iraq War.


She said the U.S. Syrian intervention is illegal because there has never been a vote by Congress to authorize the use of force to overthrow a sovereign government.


“So the American people have not had a chance to speak their voice, that hasn’t happened. Therefore it’s illegal,” she said.


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