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Counter-Space Weapons in Russia and China

At Endtime Ministries, we are on the lookout for the prophesied World War III, or the Sixth Trumpet War. National Defense reported on the threat of Chinese and Russian counter-space weapons that the U.S. is working to mitigate:

Chinese and Russian counter-space weapons have Pentagon officials worried, but new capabilities are on the way to mitigate the threat, a top U.S. Space Command official said Aug. 21.

Adversaries currently have the ability to use jammers, ground-based lasers, ground- and space-based kinetic weapons, attacks against ground facilities that support space operations, or a nuclear detonation in space to put U.S. and allied assets at risk, Army National Guard Maj. Gen. Tim Lawson said during remarks at the National Defense Industrial Association’s Space Warfighting Industry Forum, which was held virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic.