Coronavirus: Iranians lose trust in government as virus spreads

Several cities in the northern Iranian province of Gilan have been placed on the highest alert due to the rapid dissemination of the COVID-19 virus over the past month. Gilan, a popular tourist destination in Iran, is located 200 kilometers (124.2 miles) to the north of the country’s capital Tehran.

“When schools in Tehran were shut because of the new coronavirus, many Iranians traveled to the north of the country,” Shahla, a young Iranian mother, told DW.

Shahla, who grew up in a small town on the Caspian Sea, is currently living with her family in Tehran. She is angry at people who went north despite official travel warnings.

“My mother still lives in a small town along the Caspian Sea. She tells us about two people in our neighborhood who recently died after a severe cold. Their families are now under quarantine,” Shahla said.


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