Coronavirus: 400 arrested in Jordan for violating nationwide curfew

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Nearly 400 people have been arrested in Jordan for violating an indefinite curfew introduced on Saturday that bans people from leaving their homes even to purchase food.

Breaching the anti-coronavirus orders, thought to be the most stringent to be applied nationally anywhere in the world, is punishable with up to one year in prison.

The start of the curfew was signalled at 7am on Saturday morning by air-raid sirens that sounded across the capital, Amman.

At least 392 people had been arrested for ignoring the measures by Saturday afternoon, Jordan’s Roya TV said.

All businesses in the Middle Eastern kingdom have been closed, including supermarkets and pharmacies. “Anyone going outside will be subjecting themselves to punishment,” the justice minister, Bassam Talhouni, told Jordan’s al-Mamlaka news channel.

The government said it would announce a mechanism for people to buy food on Tuesday.


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One Response to “Coronavirus: 400 arrested in Jordan for violating nationwide curfew”

  1. Tammy Chumard

    Dear sir, Most recently the news is the DOJ wants to suspend our Constitutional Roghts allowing allowing for immediate arrests and prosecutions such as they have done in your article about Jordan. Many people are beginning to prep and are concerned about a United Nations or China or Russia take over, evil cabal attack, EMP etcetera. Although many of us believe that President Donald Trump was chosen by God to accomplish his plans in such a time of this I know that Satan is fighting hard to defeat us. Knowing that we are in the end times and going to be through trials, needing to strengthen our faith and praying against the spirit of fear, I feel that this quarantine may go much longer than we thought and and could even end up in a collapse. As I prayerfully consider preparing for a longer stay in my safe place I was wondering what you feel might be the next thing prophetically the US might be facing beside the 6th Trumpet war? Blessings to all of you and prayers for your continued health and safety. Tammy Chumard