Confusion In The Church – LGBT Clergy Expands Across The Nation

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This month the Evangelical Lutheran Church celebrated it’s newly formed Westview Lutheran Church in Boulder, Colorado.  At the head of that new church is the nations first transgender Latina pastor Nicole Garcia.
Nicole is part of a growing number of LGBT clergy that has infiltrated the leadership of churches that have bowed down the altar of moral relativism.
Instead of provided clear Biblical answers to the cultural chaos, such churches have fallen in league with it by aligning the Gospel message to conform with a progressive message where feelings are emphasized over scriptural facts, essential Christian doctrines are open for interpretation, historical terms are redefined, and the heart of the Christian message shifts from sin and redemption to social justice.
One of Nicole’s main goals and others like her is to push an agenda of LGBT acceptance in the church.  Nicole began working with an organization called Reconciling in Christ several years before her ordination, which works toward full acceptance of the LGBTQ community within the Lutheran denomination.

Five years later, Garcia was elected to the group’s national board of directors as their transgender representative, and in that position she continued to campaign for the advancement of LGBTQ people into pastoral positions.

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2 Responses to “Confusion In The Church – LGBT Clergy Expands Across The Nation”

  1. I saw this article on my Facebook feed from one of my friends.
    I went to the Westview Lutheran “church,” in Boulder, CO, and left a message on their page about a sermon that will be preached from the 1st chapter, of the Book of Romans, on the 22nd of this month (December)
    I wondered if there was a conflict, or any offense, as this chapter deals with the sin of homosexuality, and the preacher, Nicole, is a lesbian preacher, and “leader” of the church community.
    I actually ended-up call omg the church phone number, because, I was not sure if my message had gone through due to technical issues. “Preacher,” Nicole was the one who answered the phone, and we ended up talking about this issue, and from what I understand from her own mouth is: what the Bible has to say about sexuality, and particularly where women are concerned had to die more with women being property, according to Middle Eastern culture, than anything that Jesus had to teach about it; which she said, “he taught nothing about it.”
    All I could do was remain calm and inquisitive and pray that God would open her eyes to the gospel.
    Thank you