Common Core: Data-Mining Our Kids

data-mining-kidsParents and educators continue to “opt out” of the nationalized curriculum standards known as Common Core because of many serious problems, including the component most alarming to students of Bible prophecy, the data-mining of children.


Alex Newman of The New American accuses Common Core of compiling “Orwellian federal dossiers” on each student. He notes that educators, not just parents, are encouraging children to refuse to take the Common Core tests. Because the results compiled from testing are crucial to nationalizing education in America, this kind of grassroots rebellion could undermine the administration’s education reform agenda.


In a letter to Education Secretary Arne Duncan, Rep. John Kline (R-Minn.) criticized the Department of Education for encouraging the states to share student data as a “backdoor means” of creating a “cradle to career” de facto national student database. According to World Net Daily, Common Core assessments collect and track, for each child, over 400 data points, including such things as likes, dislikes, attitudes, grade point averages, home situation, and physical and mental health.


Common Core’s threat to student privacy became such as issue for Oklahoma City math teacher Juli Sylvan that she quit her job over it. After more than twenty years as an educator, Ms. Sylvan decided that she was unable to protect her students from the invasive “cradle-to-career” strategy any more, that she was no longer willing to facilitate the data-mining of children, and that her only remaining option was to resign.


The technologies available to monitor a child’s behavior in school should make any parent cringe. Yahoo! News revealed some of the “bio-sensing” technologies which were already being developed in 2013, including the ability to track students’ eye movements, listen in on their conversations and monitor their facial expressions. If Common Core were allowed to continue its invasion of student privacy unchecked, it is easy to see how these kinds of technologies could fit in to the “cradle-to-career” tracking strategy.


Common Core is part of the current fulfillment of many end-of-the-age Bible prophecies which demonstrate that we are living in the time just before the return of Christ. We are in the midst of the formation of a one-world governmental and religious system which will track and control not only our children, but everyone on earth, from “cradle-to-career” and beyond.


By Rick Brinegar

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