Colin Powell Rips Trump on Immigration, NATO, Anti-Press Rhetoric: The World Can’t Believe What’s Happening

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell spoke out against President Donald Trump in an interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria on Sunday, blasting his anti-press rhetoric, retreat from the world stage, and his insults of U.S. allies.

Zakaria asked Powell and his other guest, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, about American foreign policy and whether the country is still leading the rest of the world by example.

Powell, a Republican who has maintained a low profile during the Trump administration, called out “what we are not doing as the United States of America.”

“What are we doing? We’re walking away from agreements, we’re walking away from alliances,” Powell said. He noted that Trump insulted U.S. allies at the NATO summit.

After Powell invoked the violence at Charlottesville, Zakaria asked: “Do you think this president can be a moral leader for the world?”


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  1. Ansohn
    Ansohn says:

    The world, no, but the Christian disciple, yes; by taking the prophetic lamp:

    2 Peter 1:19 And we have the prophetic word [made] surer, to which ye do well taking heed (as to a lamp shining in an obscure place) until [the] day dawn and [the] morning star arise in your hearts;

  2. Victor Andrews
    Victor Andrews says:

    No, Colon Powell, the ‘American’ people did not agree with the alliances, agreements and systems you refer to! The elite ruling class did, and you ‘were’ a part of it. The majority of Americans DO NOT want alliances with countries that don’t believe in American and Israeli sovereignty! We are praising God that President Trump is shaking Washington DC to its very core! God Speed!

  3. Glenn White
    Glenn White says:

    I saw Colin Powell’s body languish when Obama won the election. He is not a true republican. I would have voted for him if he ran, i’m glade he didn’t.

    • Ansohn
      Ansohn says:

      I “voted” Jesus Christ 40 years ago, the only reasonable” vote”.
      Where do you see voting in the New Testament?
      Did Paul and the Apostles show you the example of the Republican vote?
      It is Politics (corrupt) but not Faith.


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