Christian Lawyer Who Fought China’s Goverment Faces Secretive Detention

Knowing full well that it could cost him his legal career and even his freedom, the Chinese attorney battled the Communist Party and successfully defended numerous Christian churches that wished to keep visible crosses on top of their buildings.


Organizing an impressive legal team of more than 30 lawyers to deal with religious freedom cases of the Zhejiang Province, Zhang was convinced that he had the law—and God—in his corner.


“It’s all in the books, I just read them. And I have God on my side,” he said.


But Zhang knew that opposing China’s Communist party was risky business. Two weeks before his arrest in Wenzhou on August 25, Zhang shared his thoughts with friends on WeChat: “The most they can do is imprison me. But if I remain silent, I will regret it for the rest of my life.” Not long after, he and his assistant Liu Peng were taken away.


Zhang Kai is a 37-year-old lawyer of the Xinqiao law firm in Beijing. In the midst of the campaign for the demolition of crosses in Zhejiang, Zhang was the most active of all the human rights lawyers in China. Starting in August of 2014, he joined together with the pastor of the Salvation church of Wenzhou, the Reverend Huang Yizi, moving to Wenzhou and serving as a consultant in many cases related to the destruction of churches and crosses.


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