China: Using Facial Recognition Technology Protects Human Rights

China’s use of facial recognition technology is an effort to protect people’s human rights, the country’s state media declared on Tuesday.

In a typically brazen editorial by Global Times, the English language state propaganda outlet boasts that despite having developed the fastest and most effective facial recognition technology in the world, Western media outlets have been using the “cliché of human rights to attack China” over concerns of privacy.

“They have not realized that the convenience and security brought by the new technology are also a guarantee of human rights,” the editorial reads.

The core of the editorial’s argument goes to the heart of the Chinese communist worldview, the outlet argued, that security triumphs liberty as the most important human right of them all.

“What is the most important human right? It might be security. Facial recognition and the real-name system are currently the most effective ways to crack down on telecommunications fraud and identity theft,” it continues. “These measures have successfully protected the personal and property security of Chinese mobile phone users.”