California Legislature approves 12 gun-control measures

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The California Legislature on Thursday sent Gov. Jerry Brown 12 gun-control measures as Democratic lawmakers tried a last-ditch effort to convince Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom to drop a proposed ballot initiative.


Legislative leaders hailed the move as the nation’s most aggressive gun control effort and proof that firearm restrictions are politically viable. Their measures earned a sharp rebuke from gun-rights advocates who say the Legislature is shredding constitutional gun-ownership rights.


Senior California Democrats have been waging an increasingly tense battle over how to strengthen the state’s gun laws. Newsom, a Democrat running for governor in 2018, is promoting a ballot measure that includes some of the same policies approved by the Legislature Thursday.


Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon, a Democrat from Los Angeles, wants the Legislature to address the issue, fearing gun-control would fail at the ballot box or at least drive up turnout of conservatives who will vote against Democrats.


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