Cali. Dems hoping to cover abortions for all coeds

Even though then-Governor Jerry Brown vetoed the legislation last year, abortion advocates in the California Legislature have reintroduced an abortion measure with hopes that Governor Gavin Newsom (D) will sign it into law.

The bill would require that all state colleges and universities provide free chemical abortions for all coeds beginning in January 2023. In a news release, Mat Staver of the Liberty Counsel says even pro-life taxpayers will share the burden of paying for these abortions permitted within the first ten weeks of pregnancy.

“Unbelievably, this would allow a $200,000 grant for each of California’s 33 public university student health centers,” Staver adds.

He says those advocating for Senate Bill 24, sponsored by Democratic Senator Connie Leyva, are disingenuous regarding the uncertainties involved.