CA law allows registered sex offenders in classrooms

A California law that permits registered sex offenders on campuses is being challenged by the Fontana Unified School District (FUSD) Board of Education, which voted to prohibit their access to classrooms to protect vulnerable students.


However, the school board originally raised the possibility of approving a problematic California law that states that if the school administrator allows it, registered sex offenders could gain access to school campuses. Under the law, the administrator permitting the sex offender would be required to notify parents about the visit 14 days prior to his or her arrival.


Capitol Resource Institute Executive Director Karen England was outraged that lawmakers would intentionally put the safety of students at risk.


“California law that permits sex offenders to volunteer on campus is shocking and threatens the safety of school children throughout the Golden State,” England proclaimed. “We are calling on the California State Legislature to quickly modify the law to restrict sex offender access on public school campuses, and we are calling on the California School Boards Association to create a model policy that aligns with the protections put in place in Fontana.”


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