After Brexit, U.S. Should Dump UN, Says Sarah Palin

After the historic British “Brexit” vote to leave the European Union super-state, it is time for the United States to take a lesson from the Brits and exit the United Nations, conservative commentator Sarah Palin (shown) said in an online statement. The comments by the popular former governor of Alaska, which blasted “special interest globalists” and the plot for one-world government, come amid a growing American movement to withdraw from the scandal-plagued UN and other internationalist outfits that threaten U.S. liberties and independence. Indeed, legislation already sitting in Congress would end U.S. membership in the dictator-dominated global body and all its sovereignty-threatening treaties, stop U.S. taxpayer funding of the organization, and evict the UN’s headquarters from American soil. However, some left-wingers have criticized the plan.


Palin’s statement, made on Friday in the wake of the historic Brexit vote, which she described as Britain’s Declaration of Independence, was hugely popular. Just over the weekend, Palin’s comments received tens of thousands of likes, shares, and comments. A brief sampling of the close to 1,000 comments revealed massive support for the ideas, not just from Americans but from anti-establishment and anti-globalist forces around the world. Unsurprisingly, the establishment media, which has long carried water for the UN and the EU, has largely ignored Palin’s remarks. But as the Brexit vote itself showed clearly, people around the world are rapidly losing any remaining confidence they may have had in the mischaracterized “mainstream” media, which is increasingly viewed by people worldwide and across the political spectrum as a propaganda organ for the corrupt establishment and its interests.


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