Bombshell Report: More than Half a Million Migrants Overstayed Visas In 2015

A bombshell new Department of Homeland Security report was released today that could further define the 2016 race around the issue of national sovereignty. The report documents refusal of approximately half a million foreign aliens to return to their home countries after being admitted to the United States on a temporary basis for work or tourist purposes.


The report’s release comes on the heels of Sarah Palin’s high-profile address endorsing Donald Trump, in which she lambasted the fecklessness and failure of the Republican establishment in protecting Americans from the violation of their national borders.


The “Entry/Exit Overstay Report,” prepared by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), documents that in 2015 alone, more than half a million people, who had entered the country on a B-1 or B-2 visa, had illegally overstayed their visas and are believed to be unlawfully residing within the United States. The B-1 and B-2 visas are for business workers and tourists, respectively. The report also includes those who entered on the “Visa Waiver Program,” which is another avenue for business workers and tourists to enter the United States on an allegedly temporary basis.


This report does not even begin to address the numerous other forms of visas used by foreign migrants to gain entry into the country– such as the H and L guest worker visas, the F student visa, and the J-1 foreign exchange visa. Similarly, it only accounts for migrants who entered by air and sea ports of entry. Because the report does not take into account migrants who entered through “land” ports, Latin Americans are likely under-represented.


The report states: “This report is limited to foreign nationals who entered the United States as nonimmigrant visitors for business (i.e., B-1 and WB visas) or pleasure (i.e., B-2 and WT visas) through an air or sea POE [Ports of Entry]. DHS has determined that there were a total of 44,928,381 nonimmigrant admissions to the United States for business or pleasure through air or sea POEs that were expected to depart in FY 2015, which represents the vast majority of annual nonimmigrant admissions. Of this number, DHS calculated a total overstay rate of 1.17 percent, or 527,127 individuals.”


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