Birmingham school stops LGBT lessons after Muslim parents protest

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Hundreds of children withdrawn from Parkfield community school for day

A primary school that taught pupils about homosexuality as part of a programme to challenge homophobia has stopped the lessons after hundreds of children were withdrawn by parents in protest.

Parkfield community school in Saltley, Birmingham, has been the scene of weekly protests over the lessons, which parents claim are promoting gay and transgender lifestyles.

In a letter to parents, the school said: “Up to the end of this term, we will not be delivering any No Outsiders lessons in our long-term year curriculum plan, as this half term has already been blocked for religious education (RE). Equality assemblies will continue as normal and our welcoming No Outsiders ethos will be there for all.”

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42 Responses to “Birmingham school stops LGBT lessons after Muslim parents protest”

  1. Ayodeji Oluwakayode

    So is it that we Christians aren’t this discipline enough to cause this kind of effect, am am sure that some of the kids that still remain in the school are professed Christians. Another thought is the fact that contrary to what is stated in this report, I don’t believe that all those 600 students are all just Muslims. There must have been a good number of Christians among them too

  2. As a Christian I congratulate the Muslim parents for doing which the UK Christians should be doing, if there’re any. This is the sorry state of Christianity in the West; now taken over by heathens, pagans, liberals, LGBTs, leftists, socialists, communists, and atheists; with minority Christians bullied and silenced into thinking that they would be labeled bigots, racists, fools and backward looking morons if they speak the TRUTH. Indeed it would be ironic if Islam would have to save Christian values

  3. It’s an eye opener for we Christians to unite with one voice and resist the devil in America and else where in the world but unfortunately most people aren’t Christians they just bear Bible names. Last time I checked, some people or company were fined or sued for not baking cake or taking photos for gay couples. Because we are soft and gentle they think they can take us for a ride. If we truly love God we should protest lawfully in large numbers and resist the court, government or any other organisation for things we don’t believe in and they want to force on us. Let’s do that en mass.

  4. At least Muslims inspire fear in the world. In the wrong way of course.
    The “Christians” in general have become like salt trampled by men.They have lost their flavor.
    To repent, to judge us so as not to be judged.

  5. Why is Muslim protest allowed in these matters, while Christian protest is met with disdain or even legal action? Religious freedom must be respected for every person, regardless of religion.

    For some reason, Americans have been taught to respect Muslim choices more than Christian choices, but both religions teach that homosexual acts are wrong. From parents to cake makers–a Christian who does not give active assent to the homosexual agenda is punished. If all the Christians stopped, it would be much harder to keep forcing the case.

  6. S Thompson

    It’s amazing that the Muslim community has the right to speak up however if a Christian group of parents spoke up, they would be called Prejudiced and homophobic. Nobody has a deadly fear of homosexuals. I do not believe in the word homophobia

  7. As most religious people in any faith are taught homosexuality is wrong but the Christian faith teaches acceptance of all mankind and to love all no matter what. I still believe this should be taught at home not the school room like sex education! You can’t make a religious group accept what they don’t believe in and it should not be forced on them. If you teach the golden Rule in school we’ll all be alright do unto others as you would have them do unto you. As my religion states to love your brother as yourself if you will do these two things you will not have to teach a class to accept other people they will automatically know how tooPs it’s hard not to admire the Muslims for doing this for some reason it seems harder for Christians to stand up like they should

    • Peter Adams

      I agree that we should pull our Christian children out of public schools if they refuse to stop teaching LGBTQ lifestyles, and that they are moral, to our children. Once the public schools STOP this teaching, then maybe we should put our kids back in public schools so that there is a Christian influence and presence there. But, If God speaks to you to home school your kids, then by all means pull them out of public schools and obey God. We home schooled our children because of the gangs, violence, drugs and witchcraft in the local public school where we lived.

  8. I don’t blame them for pulling their kids out! I wish the parents here in America would do the same thing. LGBTQ and other forms of not knowing who you really are should be ban from school altogether. School is not the place for sexual confusion! That is an issue for the individual and a doctor. They need help and therapy, which used to be given. But now it is okay to push your sexual issues out on the street and now in school. (Even though I was never really okay!) If you want to be an enemy of God, do it in your own bedroom. You don’t need to broadcast it all over the place! No one would like to know what I would do, or anyone would do in the bedroom. That should be kept private with you husband or wife, or now boyfriend or girlfriend, partner, friend, or whatever. No one should be pressured into knowing what you do behind closed doors, that is inappropriate and not for school or anywhere else! I pray for sexually confused people because it is a sickness lead by demons, that is plaguing our countries. They need help and understanding. We are not fighting flesh and blood, but invisible principalities that need to be dealt with professionally, understanding, care, and love. They should not be shut out, but do need help. May the peace and grace of God the Father and our Savior Yeshua Hamachiac  Son of our Abba be with all who are having this issues on both sides, may Abba and My brother be with you all, in all you do. I bless the parents for doing what it right by their kids! Praying for the school to do what is proper according to The Creator of the heavens and earth, and trusting He knew what He was doing at the beginning of time and throughout time. May all who read this, be blessed with the knowledge of He who blew breath into us. Amen!

  9. Those Muslim parents have much more sense than many Christian parents who allow their children to be primed for homosexual behaviors by monsters like that principal in England. He has no business nor right to share such ideas with young children.

  10. Carl Wilson

    It is sad that Muslim parents will adhere to their religious beliefs, protecting their children, while many Christian denominations in the US allow the LGBT agenda into their church denominations and pulpits openly, violating bible teachings.

  11. Chaplain Jim

    I have been a Christian now for 46 years and truly enjoy serving the Lord Jesus Christ. In this situation, I wholeheartedly agree with 600 students being withdrawn from this abomination being decreed in our schools and in other countries.

    • Priscilla

      Thats because most who call themselves Christian aren’t. Their belief is mot mixed with faith in God. People always talk of loving one another and even the enemy. But that simply means giving them the truth. You cant truly love someone without preaching Christ Jesus. Sin is evil intent disobedience to God. Finally the one you are to love first is God with all your heart mind and soul. And your neighbor as yourself.

  12. audrey saltsman

    These were very smart parents to with draw their children from this propaganda. CHILDREN DO NOT NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THIS STUFF AT THEIR AGE.LET THEM BE CHILDREN.WE ARE LIVING

  13. Lea Cameron

    I’m a faithful Christian Lady. Our children have been long out of Elementary School, but I have nary a doubt that we, too, would’ve withdrawn each of them everytime anything about homosexuality was to be told to them. As a family, we discussed what our Holy Bible says about that sinful subject.

  14. I find this extremely interesting. How is it that the Muslims, who are not serving the True Living God, had enough sense to withdrawal their kids in protest. Can you imagine how this hurt the school? bc everday a child’s is not present they lose money. This is one huge reason why they have truancy officers making sure kids are at school. Can you fathom, Christians, taking this stand, how many kids would not show up to school? But, Nooo, this does not happen, our kids are still left in school, knowing FULL WELL the public education is systematically targeting our little ones and bombarding them with LGBTQ agendas. Nope, Too many American Christians can’t take a stand, bc WHO can stay with their kids, while THEY are at work? Believers, your making money is a priority, to get your basic needs, not to be living this outrageous, unnecessary American dream, where you both work so you can keep up with the Jone’s…so while you work, your kids are at the mercy of the public school 8+ hrs per day and their curriculum. ( Yes, I know some families need both parents to work just to make ends meet but alot of other families are NOT in this situation.) This is of the upmost importance, just as the Muslim made a stand for this, they will continue to make stands on OTHER issues, and Lord have mercy on us, if this continues. You need only to see what has happened in other European countries to see what I mean by this. Goodness gracious, are we not living in the last days?? Our children depend on us, who will keep them from these evil attacks? God’s word states in Deut 6 we are to teach our kids. Would you continue to send your children to school if you were aware there was a lion, literally , roaming about seeking to devour your kids? Would you still send them? Well, guess what the Bible tells us that our adversary, the devil, roams around like a roaring lion, seeking who he may devour. This is in the spirit realm, but many christians don’t even believe this…but Yes, satan is roaming. seeking for that moment when to attack. Well, if you have been wondering what can you do about school? Homeschool. It will cost you of time and effort, but the results are 100% better than in public school or any school. GBU

  15. Jonathan

    Christians in this country should put up a great protest to the homosexual indoctrination of our children in nearly all of our schools. Why do we put up with this? Maybe we should start opening larger Christian schools in as many places as possible.

  16. I do not agree with lgbtq ️‍ taught in school but the Muslims need their own schools. My husband was put in Facebook Jail,lol for using the word Muslim in conversation and not as a derogatory,bigot way.

  17. Look how bias the world has transformed. The very ideology whose leader and Quran declares all unbelievers of Islam as dogs and pigs, unworthy and stench, worthy of death, mutilation, and slavery, now rejects the homosexual doctrine that, if the modern Christian would do the same, would be ridiculed or fined or jailed or be drenched with all three reactions. That’s how far and senseless the world’s conscience has been seared to prevent this form of bias. What? Christians are now not allowed to stand up for their beliefs and exercise their freedom to choose because anyone says they are not recognized? Better wake up and stand up,first, with humility and repentance towards our Messiah and then to declare His moral demands. Thank you for letting me post my comment.

  18. Herman M Cade

    I applaud the parents of these children that took a stand against the LGBT agenda. I pray that Christians have the same conviction worldwide to reject the disposition of the world, and of the enemy. Be ye separate, and touch not the unclean thing.

  19. Calvin Stucker

    Will all other students(non Muslim- but whom all parents have religious objections to homosexuality and LGBTQ agenda be granted the same option-and informed of the same- be allow to withdraw their children from demanded class teachings? Or will they be excluded?