Bennett: Give Palestinians ‘autonomy on steroids’

“We’ve already separated from the Palestinians, they’re governing themselves,” the Bayit Yehudi leader said at the new Ynet studio’s debut broadcast. “My plan is to actually give the Palestinians a sort of autonomy on steroids in Areas A and B, while in Area C, we gradually start applying our sovereignty. Let’s start with Gush Etzion. We need to start advancing this.”


“I think the government has done a lot,” Bennett said about the ongoing wave of violence. “I remind you there was a very intensive wave of terror attacks in Jerusalem and with the help of the government, this wave has definitely abated, and moved from Jerusalem to the Hebron-Gush Etzion area, where were are currently in the midst of an ongoing wave of terrorism. Look, we’ve been dealing with terrorism in Israel for 120 years, long before the state was founded, long before the Six-Day War. We’ve overcome this before.”


Joint List MK Ahmad Tibi also discussed the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, declaring that “We, the Joint List, do not represent the Zionist narrative; we are not a part of that game. You need to get used to the fact that we are 20 percent of the country and another people, but we want co-citizenship for Jews and Arabs.”


Tibi, who did not participate in a recent meeting of Arab MKs with families of terrorists, said it was “legitimate and humanitarian. In Islam, one must bury the deceased immediately. What the Israeli government is doing amounts to necrophilia.”


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