Benjamin Netanyahu rejects charges: Police set me up

An ashen-looking but combative Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the decision to indict him on a series of corruption charges was an “attempted government coup,” and demanded that”the investigators be investigated.”

An hour after Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit briefly explained the reasons behind his decision to indict Netanyahu on Thursday evening, the prime minister addressed the country from his residence and said that while he has “great respect” for the country’s judicial system, “something not good is happening to the police investigators and the state-attorney’s office.”

He characterized the legal process against him as “condminiated” and full of “false allegations,”  and charged that the investigators were not “looking for the truth, they were looking for me.”

Netanyahu said the entire legal process against him was aimed at “toppling a prime minister from the right,” and pointed out that the decision to indict was made on the same day that the coalition-forming process was kicked over to the Knesset, “the most sensitive political moment the nation has ever faced.”