Benjamin Netanyahu: Israel backs US attack on Syria on ‘moral’ basis

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Israel supports the recent US missile attack in Syria because it is morally right and because it makes clear there is price for the use of chemical weapons, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday.

Speaking before the weekly cabinet meeting, Netanyahu said that Israel “fully supports” the Israeli action.

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“We are doing this because of moral reasons in light of the difficult images from Idlib, and also so that it will be clear that there is a price for the use of chemical weapons,” he said.

Netanyahu said that there is an international commitment from 2013 to remove all the chemical weapons from Syria. “As we have seen, this has not been implemented up until now,” he said. Netanyahu called on the international community to complete this process, and said “this is an opportunity for US-Russian cooperation in this specific matter.”

As part of humanitarian efforts, Netanyahu said that Israel is dealing with wounded civilians from Syria, “and will continue to do so.”


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