Benjamin Netanyahu calls for friendly countries to change UN voting pattern on Israel

PARIS – Israel will begin asking countries with whom it has friendly ties and who want Israeli cooperation to change their anti-Israel voting patterns at the UN, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday after speaking with numerous heads of state at the climate conference in the French capital.


Netanyahu, speaking to Israeli reporters following a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin and before beginning a meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, said leaders from around the world – including Arab states – approached him to talk about counter-terrorism and technological issues.


The time has come for the friendship and cooperation of these countries to come out in votes in international institutions, Netanyahu said, without naming which countries he had in mind. “You will hear this [demand] more and more – this is our natural expectation.


“Israel’s standing in the word is very firm,” Netanyahu said.


“People are looking to get close to us. They understand that Israel is a big regional power, and also a world power in cyber technology and there is hardly anyone who didn’t talk to me about that. They also understand that we can help in the war against terrorism and radical Islam.”


Netanyahu stressed the importance of his 45-minute conversation with Putin, saying it was “deep and wide” and got into “the details.”


He said Putin discussed the recent incident with Turkey, in which one of Russia’s planes was shot down, as well as shared information. He added that there is a “special relationship” with Russia that serves both countries’ interests.


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