Benjamin Netanyahu to Abbas: How can you speak of peace while financing murderers?

If the Palestinians are serious about peace, stop paying salaries to murderers, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Monday during a memorial ceremony at Mt. Herzl for victims of terrorism.

Speaking two days before Abbas is scheduled to meet US President Donald Trump in Washington, Netanyahu said to the PA president, “How can you speak about peace with Israel and at the same time pay murderers who spill the blood of innocent Israelis?”


The premier said that if Abbas wanted to take a true step toward peace, he would stop the payments to terrorists.

“Fund peace, not murder,” he said at the memorial ceremony for 4,128 people killed in terrorist activities, some 3,117 of them since the founding of the state.

Netanyahu said that when Israelis go and and celebrate on Yom Ha’atzmaut, and every day, they should look around, “because among the musicians who are playing in the orchestra, and the checkout person at the supermarket, and the gas station attendant, and the lecturer at the university and the judges in the courts you will find our brothers and sisters, those dear ones among us who are part of the family of the bereaved.”

Terrorists indiscriminately attack Jews and non Jews, in Israel and abroad, to spread fear and death, he said.

“They imbibe this incitement against our people with their mother’s milk,” he said. “They are seen as heroes in their own societies. What kind of hero is a youth who takes a knife, breaks into the room of an innocent and pure girl and stabs her in her sleep.”


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