Atheists float new attack on Noah’s Ark tourist attraction

The Creation Museum built in Kentucky by the Christian ministry Answers in Genesis has come under attack several times by atheists, including when they opposed a zoning plan in a local court and then staged a protest outside its doors on the day it opened in 2007.


The organization’s next project, the Noah’s Ark Encounter, now faces headwinds from the same critics.


And AIG founder Ken Ham says it’s beginning to look like there are those who want a double standard applied whenever a project is Christian.


“The local secularists have revealed their true motive with their proposed billboard campaign. They ultimately want to stop people going to the Ark Encounter, which is a Christian, family friendly attraction that will have a great economic impact on the state and add jobs,” Ham said in a statement sent to WND.


“It begs the question: What are the secularists so fearful of? The Christians I know don’t try to stop people from going to tourist attractions that might present an evolutionary worldview. In fact, we will be promoting all the major tourist attractions in the region even though we may not necessarily agree with everything stated at each place.


“These Freethinkers simply don’t want Christians to have the full freedom to present their beliefs in the culture,” he said.


His reaction was prompted by complaints to the media by the Tri-State Freethinkers, which wanted to post billboards with messages condemning the Ark Encounter.


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