Assad Collapse Deemed Near as Rebels, ISIS Advance

Channel 2 television’s veteran Arab affairs expert, Ehud Yaari, probably the most respected Middle East expert in the Middle East, is predicting that the end of the Assad regime in Syria is near.


The Syria rebels and the ISIS forces have had a series of accomplishments lately, writes Yaari, and Assad has not been in worse shape since the cruel civil war began four years ago. The forces opposing him have made advances in the north, south and east, his military force is dwindling and his ability to deal with the challenges facing him is “very limited.”


Assad has lost the ability to move his forces from one theater of fighting to another, and has sustained heavy losses, according to the expert. Iran sent Shi’ite militias from Iraq and Afghanistan to assist the Syria army, but these have not shown a meaningful fighting ability. Meanwhile, Hezbollah has not been able to make meaningful advances at the Kalamoun Mountain area, despite heavy fighting.


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