Are Pope’s Climate Change Counselors Promoting Debate or Diktat?

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The United States was heavily represented at the meeting, with ten mayors present as well as California governor Jerry Brown. The bizarre thing about the American delegation, however, was the absence of a single member of the Republican Party, as if the Democrats spoke authoritatively for the United States as far as ecology is concerned.


Where, for instance, was Republican Mayor Greg Ballard of Indianapolis, a decorated veteran of the Marines and an active proponent of environmental awareness?


In 2012, Ballard made Indianapolis the first major city in the United States to pledge to convert its entire municipal non-police fleet to electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles by 2025. He also enacted programs to transition the city’s more than 200 heavy fleet vehicles (snow plows, trash trucks, fire engines) to compressed natural gas, a viable non-oil fuel alternative today. Wouldn’t he have been a natural choice for a Vatican conference on the environment?


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