Anti-Semitic Canadian Paper Blames Jews for 9/11

The Center for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) filed a formal complaint with the Toronto Police earlier this month, after an anti-Semitic advertisement was featured in the May issue of the Your Ward News bulletin.


The bulletin is distributed by mail to residents in the East York and Beach areas.


The front page displays several images mocking religious Jews (including one with a long nose), and one of them says: “Here the Holocaust is repeating itself.”


On the first page the following headline: “Benjamin Levine the Jew convicted of pedophilia”, although the question of Levin’s Jewishness is irrelevant to the crimes which he was convicted, CIJA adds.


It was also claimed that the media are controlled by “Zionist Marxists,” according to the CIJ news site, and implied that Israel was responsible for not only the Sept. 11 attacks but also the January 2015 Charlie Hebdo shootings.


The bulletin also falsely attributed racist remarks to former Prime Minister Menachem Begin, whereby he allegedly cited “Jewish supremacy” and that other races are inferior or subhuman, and that the masses have to be slaves to the Jews.


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