Amid COVID-19, Deep State Moves in for the Kill Against Churches

With churches across much of America being shutdown by government decree as “non-essential,” they are facing enormous and potentially existential threats. On one hand, churches are being terrorized by state and local governments, with pastors and congregations literally being fined or even arrested for simply attending a service. Then, when the churches try to stream online, Deep State-run Big Tech firms are censoring them or even shutting them down. At the same time, many churches across America are lining up to receive government bailout money — cash that comes with dangerous strings attached, including LGBT mandates. This represents a profound threat to religious liberty and the continued independence of the church in America. It could be a perfect storm.

Even on Resurrection Sunday, perhaps the most important date on the Christian calendar, state and local governments came down hard on churches. Before that, at churches in Mississippi, congregants were given $500 fines for attending — even though they remained in their cars for the entire service. Meanwhile, drive-thru restaurants in the area remained open for business. In Kentucky, far-left Governor Andy Beshear ordered police to go take down church attendees’ license plate numbers. In Virginia, Pastor Kevin Wilson of Lighthouse Fellowship Church was charged with violating executive decrees by the governor purporting to shut down churches, and may face up to a year in jail. Prominent Florida pastor Rev. Rodney Howard-Browne, arguing that church is essential, was arrested for holding services. Similar abuses have been perpetrated by the murderous dictatorship enslaving Communist China.


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