America Heading Way of Nazi Germany

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“The people of Germany in a free election selected the Nazi party because they made great promises that appealed to them because they were desperate and destitute. And why is that? Because Germany was bankrupt,” Mourdock said to a crowd gathered at the Indiana Republican Convention on Saturday. In the 1930’s during the Great Depression and under the pressure of the Treaty of Versailles, the National Socialist Party showered the poor with bread and put millions of unemployed to work with government programs before leading the entire world into war…

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No Responses to “America Heading Way of Nazi Germany”

  1. William Cochran

    Sure looking more like WW3. Not hard to see whose side Russia is on. And when push comes to shove, I wonder where North Korea. China, Iran. Iraq, and even Saudi Arabia will line up when it all starts. Also don’t be surprised
    if chemical bombs aren’t in use more than we thought earlier.

  2. Ikechukwu Agu

    We watch how the God of Israel will react to this rascality of Syria and Iran. Definitely, it is got to be difficult for the enemies of Israel.

  3. haroon hussein

    bravo to syria and the russians and the iranians. This is business between neighbouring countries co operating to free Syria of a menace. The U S from a great distance away have no business in Syria including their evil partners in crime namely UK and France. If ever there was an axis of evil this is it . If endtime Ministries supports this axis of evil then you cannot be a christian ministry but a front for pro zionism. These people have blood on their hands and come judgement day they will find no hole to hide in for their cruelty and bloodletting of innocents. These are the creators of ISIS and AL QAeda and such